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My name is Wojciech Getka. I'm a fellow who tries to live his life in more or less interesting way. I finished Secondary School of Fine Arts in Gdynia in Poland, then I have studied three years on Academy of Arts in GdaƄsk ending with Batchelor of Art degree in the scope of photography. Obviously, photography is my passion. Beside of that, I have been doing some efforts in 3D graphic for some time. I like traveling.
I have been living in Ireland since 2007. The Kilkenny city, which name could bring back to one's mind a brand of a beer, is the county seat of the county Kilkenny in south-east Ireland. It is also a base for Cartoon Saloon - animation studio -  famous of his work on Academy Award-nominated films The Secret of Kells and Song of the Sea.
This site is a combination of my portfolio and photographic diary of travelling Ireland.
Welcome and enjoy...

You can contact me sending an e-mail to:

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